Christine Arendt, APNP


Endocrine Care

About Christine Arendt, APNP

Specializing in endocrinology, Christine Arendt enjoys treating such a diverse range of conditions, from diabetes and thyroid issues to adrenal and pituitary problems. She understands the importance of patient education and finds it rewarding to help people reach the goals they’ve set. “I value open and honest relationships with my patients,” she says. “If a treatment plan isn’t working, criticism won’t be the approach I take. Instead, we’ll discuss what went wrong and work together to find a plan that’s a better fit.”

Christine earned her associate’s and bachelor’s degrees in nursing from Fox Valley Technical College and Marian College. She continued her studies and received her master’s degree in nursing from the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh.

When she’s not working, Christine enjoys spending time with her husband and four kids. She also counts reading and gardening among her favorite hobbies.