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For a closer look at the multi-specialty surgical/medical care our team provides and some of the many conditions treated, Fox Valley Surgical Specialists (FVSS) has organized a library full of informational resources. Watch videos about the latest treatment options from our providers or read more about topics like robotic surgery and heartburn.


Featuring candid, sit-down sessions with our providers, this video series gives you a closer look at the wide variety of conditions Wisconsin-based FVSS specializes in. With content ranging from breast cancer treatment to thyroid nodule diagnosis, just click on any of the links below to learn more about a topic.

For a quick introduction to FVSS, check out this video. You can also visit our YouTube channel to check out all videos and subscribe.

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Looking for more information to better understand a certain medical condition or procedure? FVSS has organized some of our most commonly requested Patient Education Sheets for your review. Just click on a link to learn about the topics listed.

Fact Sheets – Various Topics:

Patient Education Sheets:


FVSS has also authored some articles about the specialties we treat at our surgical/care clinic in Appleton and other locations in surrounding areas of Northeast Wisconsin.

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